About community

It’s a Community of professionals in sphere of design and adjacent fields. It was created for the purpose of realization of practical and commercial activity, and also creation of a zone of professional and intellectual dialogue.


When has all begun?
Association of professionals-adherents has begun in 1998 with the organization of the design workshops which are engaged in basic workings out in the field of industrial design and architecture. Character of their activity varied depending on group structure. The broadest base of the experts, capable to solve complex problems in sphere of design, advertising, architecture and art has been generated. In 2006 the Community has received name ARTODOCS.


Why have we united?
Borders of design activity have so extended that it becomes difficult to keep it within the limits of a uniform trade. The solution is in creation of complex professional teams capable to solve challenges of modern design.


What do we do?
Our activity urged to solve practical problems of customers in sphere of design, advertising, architecture, art and other adjacent fields.


Our method of work
Within the limits of Community ARTODOCS for each concrete order we sort out team of experts which is qualitative and in the terms established by contracts solves versatile problems of customers. On the website you can familiarize with portfolio of participants which open their professional, creative and a mental potential. 





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